Sismo App Store Resources
Sismo App Store Resources

Sismo App Store Resources

The Sismo App Store is a central hub for discovering all apps built with Sismo Connect.

We recommend trying demo apps before you start building your own app. It will help you get familiar with Sismo Connect and the templates.

The apps in the App Store allow:

  • Gating a service to a specific group of users from their privately aggregated data (e.g, a specific NFT owner and Gitcoin Passport holder with a sufficient Sybil-resistant score)
  • Receiving a user’s personal data via ZK proofs (e.g, Twitter, EVM wallets, amount of tokens owned, number of votes in a DAO)

Apps are organized under Spaces, each dedicated to a specific community, campaign, or project.

The code is open-source; anyone can create their own app, even with no coding skills.

 Need help? Reach out to us via Telegram or Discord or fill our App Request form.

Before you start: Sismo Connect apps 101

Sismo Connect apps request ZK proofs derived from a user’s personal data and verify them onchain or offchain, depending on the app type.

They can request two types of data:

  • Auth: ZK proof of account ownership (EVM wallet, GitHub, Twitter, Telegram)
  • Claim: ZK proof of a group membership (e.g. prove that you minted more than 5 “Stand with Crypto” NFT, which means proving that you are part of the “Minters of Stand with Crypto" NFT Data Group with a value higher than 5.). When you prove that you are part of a group, your account is kept private!

Templated apps

We provide templated Sismo Connect apps so that you just have to customize what data to request from users, and your app is set to launch.

Template Description
Demo example apps
📄 zkForm
A customizable form that is gated to the data of your choice and can receive personal data from users.
🤖 zkTelegramBot
An application that lets you gate a Telegram group to specific data
🪂 zkDrop
A privacy-preserving NFT drop to targeted users
- Transferable NFTs - Non-Transferable NFTs

Create your app

There are 3 steps to add your app to the App Store:

  • Create your Space in the App Store (Tutorial).
  • Configure your app from a template and add it to your Space:
  • Get your Pull request merged!

Dev Resources

Use Sismo Connect to build your own custom apps and add them to the App Store.

Contact us via Telegram or Discord if you need any assistance.

Last update: @July 15, 2023

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